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Vehicle Electrical Repairs in Swansea

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Electrical fault on your dashboard?

Are you looking for a professional who can fix electrical faults in your vehicle promptly? You can count on MRM Auto Electrical Services in Swansea as I can come out to you very quickly and provide a very efficient service. With over 20 years experience in the industry I also provide expert advice on how to maintain your cars electricals. To book with me today, please don't hesitate to give me a call.

Checking the ignition and the electrical system of a modern car
A car engine

Starter Motor, Fuses & Ignition

If you have a problem with your starter motors, ignition or you may think it could be your fuses then contact me today. I can provide a quick reliable service to get your car back on the road as soon as possible.

ECU Testing, Car & Engine Diagnostics

The engine control unit runs your car's engine systems and functions. If there is a suspected fault then I can run an ECU test to get the problem fixed. A diagnostic test is a full health check on your vehicles engine and electrical system. It can detect problems that you may not be able to spot manually. This can spot any early issues before problems arise. If it is time to replace the battery then I can also install a new one for you.

Man hand press the remote control car alarm systems
Stage Lighting Setup

Car Alarms & Rear View Camera

In order to keep your car safe and secure, I can install or repair car alarms. I will also install, replace, or repair your reverse camera systems for you at MRM Auto Electrical Services in Swansea.

DPF Cleaning

I am also specialised in DPF cleaning which involves removing soot emissions that has been generated by your engine. If it hasn't been done for a long time then your engine could be low on power and a warning light could appear on the dashboard.

For vehicle diagnostics and repairs in Swansea, call now!

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